Posted on 06 August 2017

Our mind is a powerful tool and a lot of people don't realize how important it is in transforming your body. As long as you don't work on your mind while you workout your body it will always be holding you back from true change. Your mind can either be your greatest resistance or your greatest momentum forward. 


Try a simple change of mentality:

1.  Instead of thinking of healthy food as punishment and junk food as a reward think of eating as helping nourish the body by giving it what it needs instead of what it doesn't need.


2. Instead of thinking "I have to go to the gym" think of every consistently completed workout as momentum. Everyday builds on the last day further towards overall progress. Going to the gym just to "go" is the least motivating mentality there is. Switch that. 


3. Change your focus to looking for the quickest and easiest way to get to your goal and adopt the mentality of the most sustainable way to get there. No one wants to have their goal bod for one vaca or birthday and then go right back to being how they were before.


4. Stop comparing yourself to others. Not one body reacts the same way. Take progress pics of yourself every two weeks. They don't lie. Your only competition is you. 


5. Drop the "T" off every time you can "CAN'T".

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