Posted on 07 May 2017


Summer is right around the corner, and this is when everyone realizes the winter cheating, missed workouts, and procrastinating has to stop. Don't fall victim of these top 5 mistakes when trying to achieve your Summer Body:


  1. Crash Diets - Doing juice diets, cleanses, veggies for 30 days, or whatever fad diet is in for getting a summer bod in the most extreme way is going to only result in a very disappointing and frustrating result of rebound.  What does this mean? You may see results at first but then they will dramatically plateau and then lead to the reverse metabolic effect.
  2. Limiting Food Intake - It is not about limiting food intake, instead it is about controlling what the intake is. By limiting what you are eating in a restricting nature, and not taking in enough nutrients our body goes into survival mode by not getting what it needs, therefore storing what you do eat (rather than using it).  
  3. Only Doing Cardio - By adding lean muscle on your frame via resistance training, your metabolism will increase and also result in the "toning" you are looking for. Make sure to mix cardio in with your resistance training!
  4. Saving Up Calories - Unfortunately our body doesn't work like our savings account. By eating less or "behaving" on your diet all week it doesn't give you the ability to over-indulged and cheat all weekend. Consistency is key and helps achieve the balance off enjoying yourself all summer without losing your results as a side-effect.
  5. Waiting Until July - Instead of waiting until Monday, or next month, start now. Your goals are getting further away the longer you wait.



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